Option to add "rules" to a report

If it’s not feasible to have “global” account rules in Asana (i.e. for ALL projects, if assigned to X-person, add to X-project), it could resolve a lot of issues if we simply had the choice to add a rule to a report instead. That way, you could build your criteria into a report (i.e. all tasks assigned to X-person) and the rule would automatically run whenever new tasks are added to that report (i.e. add all new tasks in this report to X-project).

For example, I want to collect all tasks assigned to certain people in a special project. The report itself isn’t good enough because I do also want the ability to add additional tasks to this project. So, I created the report (which collects all tasks assigned to certain people) and then check it every day, manually, to ensure those tasks get added to my special project. It would be way easier if there was some automation involved!

Thanks for sharing this detailed feedback and use case @Justine_D!

It’s currently not possible to add rules to a report. I’ve gone ahead and sent this feedback to our Voice of the Customer Program and I’ll keep this task updated if we have any updates about this feature.

I hope this helps!

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