Only owner can delete portfolio

The current situation is that both owners and members can delete portfolios.
To prevent members from accidentally deleting portfolios, we request that only owners can delete portfolios.


Hello @Ka_Nishiyama,

Yes, also members can delete portfolios. Even if a member is a guest user they can delete the portfolio.
Now what kind of surprised me is that the owner did not receive a notification about the deleted portfolio.

I have moved your post into the Product Feedback category so others can vote as well :slight_smile:


As for the current situation,
Is it correct that both members and owners are able to delete portfolios?
I would like to confirm that there is a request to change the deleting function so that only the owner can perform it.

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Hello @m.fukada,

I have answered this question here
Since a feedback request is open I merged your post so you can vote there as well :slight_smile:


Oh strange, yes I amended it again now you can all vote @Ka_Nishiyama @m.fukada


Hi - has this still not been resolved yet? How can it be possible that members or guests can delete porfolios that have projects for multi-team efforts? This is not acceptable! It should only be the owners that can do this - the way Asana has it now makes it possible for anyone to undo so much work in setting up the porfolio.


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