Only 10 Task Templates

Is there a way to increase the number of Task Templates to more than 10? or do we have another similar option?

Many thanks in advance.

Hello @Merna_Zohdy

have a look at this existing feedback request: Increase task template limit

As a workaround you might keep one stage in your project and leave some tasks in there that are used as templates. You‘d then have to duplicate those whenever needed.

Or you create a custom field drop-down option and depending on the option selected a rule triggers that adds the relevant subtasks for example to the task for further action steps

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@Andrea_Mayer - The Rule approach is a great workaround. I’m sure you know this – but for everyone else new to this workaround, there are jus three limitations there to be aware of

  1. can’t auto add description,
  2. or dependencies,
  3. or attachments.

But, hopefully they’ll support those things at some point soon w/ rules.


Yeah exactly thanks for adding this @Bry_ProjectKickstart!


Thanks, Andrea, but is there a link that describes this workaround further?

Sure @Merna_Zohdy so in terms of this:

That would just be a section in your Asana board or list view.

Now for this how it can work is with rules: Rules • Asana Product Guide

First you would set up a single select field with all task templates you want to have (above the 10 you have already set up as task templates directly)
Give them a name

Then the next step will be setting up rules

As a trigger, you select one option from the single select drop-down field you created.
And then you can have various actions such as adding subtasks, assigning the task, adding collaborators, adding a comment and more.

As Bryan mentioned a few things are not possible at the moment but IMO it is still a good workaround.

I recommend using the real task template feature for the most comprehensive tasks that have attachments and stuff that you would not be able to set up via the rule automation for example.

Hope that helps, let me know in case you have any additional questions :slight_smile:

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Thanks a lot!

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