One email message, one task, two projects



Is there a way to send a task by email to two projects?
I have tried with the two addresses on to, cc, and bcc and it always creates two different tasks.
This would be very useful. Especially, because emailed tasks do not appear in Inbox nor in the my tasks.
Strangely, merging tasks marks one as completed but does not work as a two step work around, because it marks one task as completed but does not add the remaining task to the current project. It also does not merge the comments on the duplicate task.


I don’t think so. Emailing task is very limited at the moment, maybe it will evolve or someone will build something :stuck_out_tongue: but with the newest Gmail extension I don’t bet Asana will more on improving it.


@Bastien_Siebman I would take exception that their are no robust email systems. Indeed for Microsoft Outlook for Windows, is very robust far surpassing the ease of use and power of the the new GMail add-in. It will not create a single task for multiple projects but it does a ton more in ease of use, look ups, on the fly tag creations, section creations, both task and conversation creation than anything available. Obviously I know this only helps Windows Microsoft Outlook users. Thanks