Notifications to collaborators for tasks created by API

Hello All,
We setup a feedback form on our Intranet that adds a task into Asana when submitted. I am using my account to authenticate with the API. I have added rules that add contributors, assigns a due date and then adds a comment when a new task is created.

None of those automated items generate an email notification.

I need my team to be notified via email every time someone submits a new form so that we can respond promptly.

Any ideas?


Not a contribution but I also wanted to emphasise this question as we also have the same one with an internal solution that uses the apis to create tasks.
@Dave_Soto, have you found a solution so far. And also, can you change the category to Developer APIs? I think because it’s in Use Cases at the moment, it’s had little contributions so maybe moving it to developer apis would help.

Hello Lance,
I have not found a good solution to this. I am also unable to change the category but it does look like it is in the Developers & API category to me. It also has tasks, api, notifications, and pushnotification tags. I am not sure where you are seeing the “use cases” category.