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Hi there. We are having a problem with notifications in our office. We have, for example, a Project with 9 members and this Project is public to all of those people. One of our members then created a Task but she did not add the followers directly to the Task, thinking that everyone would receive the notifications for the Comments section in that Task because we are all followers on the main Project. Does this mean that for every Task we are obliged to add all of the followers each and every time. Thanks for your help; I hope this question is coherent!


Hi @AMendes

You might need to check member notification settings. If you click the plus sign next to members’ initials, you’ll open the Project Members and Access box. At the bottom of that box is Manage Member Notifications. Open that up and check that Tasks Added is ticked for everyone:


If it’s ticked, they should all get notifications about new tasks that are added to that project.

If they are all ticked and members of the project still aren’t getting notifications, they might individually need to check their own personal notification settings.


Yup. The Member notifications was the first thing we checked. None of us got the notification though. Are our personal notification settings in our individual profiles?


I just checked my personal notifications under my profile; everything there is checked too.


When you check “Task added”, you’ll receive a notification as soon as someone add a new task to the project, but this is the only notification you’ll have.

To receive the comment on a specific task, you need to be follower of this task, then as you mentioned, yes you are obliged to add all of the followers each and every time.

To quickly add followers, you can:

  • Copy a task which already has the followers, and you check that you want to copy the followers’ list
  • You can multi select several tasks, and then add the followers, and all the selected tasks will have those followers

You can find more info in this interesting post:


Ah, yes. Sorry @AMendes, I missed the specific point about comments. I didn’t read your post properly. Julien’s answer is better.


Interesting… how do we multi-select several tasks at once?


The easiest way is to select the first task by clicking on its title, then holding down shift and selecting the final task. You can also hold down Ctrl to select non-sequential tasks.

As a side-note, if you have any number-based custom fields attached to those tasks, you’ll get a total in the task pane on the right.


Thank you!!! We’ll try that! :smiley: