Pardon if I choose the wrong section.

I just shared a project with several task to a lot of people. I’m looking at the notification options and I don’t know if it means broad or specific levels.

Like, Status Updates - Is the Assignee getting the Status Update when their specific task change or they are also getting their coworker’s status updates as well even though they are not assigned to it.

And by the notification option, I literally mean I am on list, I click members on the list and I’m at Member Notification Settings.

Hello @Karolyn_Dee,

you can find a detailed overview about this here:

Status update basically means when the project status is updated they will be notified.

Conversation notification refers to messages sent via the project (the tab at the top)

People will also always be notified about updates of a task they are added to or when they are tagged.

And every user can select whether they want ro receive the notifications in Asana only or also via email:

I hope that helps :slight_smile:

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So it’s talking on a general level, not necessarily to a task that the person is assigned on?

The notification settings via the project yes correct.

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