Meanings of Notifications in Guide

When adding users to a project, it’s obviously important to set their notifications properly based on their role.

What I have been looking for is the definition of each type of notification, “Status updates”, “Messages”, and “Tasks added”. Specifically, for “Messages”, what messages is this referring to. Is it all comments, or just messages from the owner?

Just need a bit of clarity in the Guide.


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Hi Jim,

Under project notifications, status updates refers to the ‘Status Updates’ that are On track, at risk or off track that you can set in the project overview.
Tasks added means you will get a notification when tasks are added to the projects.
Messages means any messages sent inside the message tab or to that project group will give you a notification.



Messages are a little like chat messages (they’re neither Comments nor Tasks); they’re explained here:

For the rest, go to Setting up a project in Asana | Product guide • Asana Product Guide and scroll down to the Project Members section.




Well, for some reason, I wasn’t finding this, so I apologize for the bother. Thanks a bunch.