Notification when a task is not longer blocked

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Let me share with you my issue, I hope anyone can help me :slight_smile:

In my team there are some users that don’t use asana everyday. They will enter to the software only when their action is required in a project, which happen maybe only once per month. So it would be very helpful that they can receive an email when their task is not longer blocked. In the notifications settings I only see the option to send an email when the task is assigned but this doesn’t help in my case.


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Not sure what plan you are on, however setting up a rule works for what you are trying to achieve.

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Thanky you @Andrea_Mayer!

I am on the business tier so I can create rules. In our company we use Outlook but I could create a gmail account for reminders.

I was looking into it but I was doubting because the responsible of the task changes. In the “To:” can I send the email to the address of the responsible of the task? Or it should be a specific user?

It will have to be a specific email address you enter which means you would need to create more rules with trigger “Task is no longer blocked” + Task is assigned to xxxx

Or the other option if they have Asana email notifications enabled could be setting up a rule like this

To send a comment as action where the assignee is tagged directly.
They should receive an email notification Email notifications from Asana | Product guide • Asana Product Guide

Actually even without setting up a rule it should work that they receive an email notification when a task is no longer blocked.


Now I recommend checking their notification settings so they don’t have too many enabled which could mean them not checking all and then again missing updates.

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FYI you could use the “Send email notification” rule action of our Flowsana integration to achieve this:

Note that in the Subject and/or Body fields, you can use Flowsana’s Variable Substitution feature to really customize the email.

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