Nothing in Messages section nor Files section

I’ve sent emails with file attachments to team members. I’ve gone to the Project, but nothing is in Messages tab nor Files tab.

Hi Charles:

If I am understanding correctly, you sent an email with a file in either Outlook or Gmail and are wondering if it shows in an Asana project?

The Asana/email integration is primarily for task creation from emails that you send and receive. At this time, I do not believe Asana has the integration to have your email inbox appear in your messages tab automatically.

I have attached a link to the overview of the Asana/Email integration

Thanks but no Mike, I didn’t use email. I used the Asana Message system and sent a message to team members. Nothing shows up in message tab nor files tab. Yet files tab message says that files attached to messages will be there. I can’t find anything in KB or by clicking around Asana.

Hi @Charles_Rigby :wave:t3:

Could you please forward to the following info to our support team?

  • Screenshot of what you’re sending by email

  • Screenshot of what you’re seeing in your Messages

  • URL of the Asana project you’re sending your messages to.

With this info, our support team should be able to troubleshoot this for you!