Notes repository like Notion

Add Notes section into the sidebar between Reporting, Portfolio and Goals.
Notes section is a repo very similar to Notion. I am able to:

  • create notes with rich text editor and multimedia (photos, sketches, diagrams, embeded video, tables)
  • organise notes to folders and invite editors/viewers
  • link to projects with task

This way I am able to do kind of Company playbook I have been creating for another company. Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.
Or any other notes repo. For instance:

  • chronologically organised folder for notes from daily/weekly meetups
  • public overview for investors about our company and its progress (kind of whitepaper, that is updated everytime somebody complete a task)
  • company playbook

Every company has different needs and rules. How they use asana, how they threat employees. This way I would be able to keep one product like Asana instead of having three - Asana, Notion and Dropbox paper.

Take the best practices from Notion, Dropbox paper. Keep it simple.