Notes Payable/Accounts Payable using Forms?

Hi all,
I am hoping you can help me as searching here and googling isn’t giving me what I am looking for.
Does anyone use Asana to allow their team to submit a payable/invoice to finance? Reimbursements? I want to create a form that a team member could submit, could be approved, and then paid.
Ideally, we could even have this available to external vendors/partners who need to submit an invoice.
Do you have a template or advice on how to set this up?

Hi @Megan_Faunce2 Welcome to the Forum, apologies this has been missed!
Hopefully you found a solution.

If not I would set up a form that feeds into a board view project. Forms can be accessed via just a browser link (people do not have to log into asana to fill it out). You can find the sharable link in the form settings.
In the form i’d add an attachment question so people can upload docs.

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