Integrated payment feature in forms

The Problem
I was checking out the forms feature today but for my use case, I feel there’s a feature missing.

As an agency owner, I can see how using forms could be beneficial when allowing clients to fill them out in order to submit tasks, but this could get messy when trying to track which tasks have and haven’t been paid for.

Feature Request
If the forms had a payment system integrated, like PayPal, that would take payment before the task was submitted that would be extremely useful. My clients could pick from a list of requests they are allowed to submit and pay for it through your platform before it lands on my task list.

Current Workaround
A workaround I’ve looked at is using Dubsado proposals instead of an Asana form. Dubsado manages the form, payment etc. but at the moment goes to its own project management tool. To keep using Asana I’d then need to use a Zapier automation to pass the task over from Dubsado to Asana.

Integrating the payment system into Asana would not only make the workflow easier but would also save the cost of the other two pieces of software in order to achieve the same goal.

Hello @Joel and welcome to the Asana Community Forum!

Great to have you here with great feedback and feature suggestion within Asana’s Form feature! I can see how this can be beneficial to businesses like yours. Therefore, I have casted my vote towards such feature. Don’t forget to vote as well!

Also, thank you for sharing your work around in the meantime. This will be very helpful to users that come across this site! If further comments, please feel free to share.

See you around here!


Also, it would be cool if not only PayPal will be used for Asana. I heard that in some countries there is a lot of problems with PayPal.

Yeah, it’s the truth. I was in Eastern Europe last summer (Bulgaria) and found out that PayPal is not available everywhere. Okay, I know it’s not the topic, but it would be cool, if Asana uses more payment systems. Such as Paysera, for example. Because not only Americans and British use it. And one more thing - as a businessman, I have some advantages of using it. And, as I said earlier, it is available not just in the Western part of the Europe. The Paysera is good enough to be added, I think.

Paysera - what is this: