Form replies and communication workflow?

Hello all,

We are using the Premium trial of Asana to see if the paid bells and whistles are worth our investment. One of the features that intrigued us most was using Forms for incoming requests (in the style of a ticket system). I am disappointed to see that there isn’t a straightforward way to communicate with requestors ie: receive an email from Asana when the task has an update/ is completed. Am I missing something? We get a lot of value out of currently working in a system that holds all communication records in one place and Asana does not seem like it will be able to fulfill this important need.

I’ve read a few of the replies in this forum and they all either talk about the collaborators using Asana (this does not apply in our case: most of our requestors do not have access to Asana and) or adding yet another costly add-on to make this work.

Has anyone created an efficient form workflow for ticketing that they could share? Perhaps using integrations such as Outlook or Teams? Highly appreciate any help!

Hello @claudia_ag ,

I know you are looking for an alternative to adding the submitter as a Collaborator to the task that is created, I have not created workflows with other tools so I have no useful suggestions on that side of things, but just in case this might help, adding a Collaborator which has an email external to your organisation, will not be counted as a paid sit in your plan and on the other side, the external requestor will be able to answer to you via email and without additional costs.

If that is an option for you, I’d suggest to test the workflow with a personal email address so you can see how that looks from the requestor side and if that fits your needs.

If you haven’t had a look already, you can check this article out, it explains everything about Guests in your organisation


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