Daily Accounting Workflow Best Practice

I’m looking for input on best practices and/or someone who has successfully set up a great flow for daily tasks.

Our agency handles invoicing on behalf of our clients and these invoices come in bulk from a variety of sources on a daily basis. When received, they are distributed to a larger team and need to be approved by various team members depending on who handles what client. As of late, invoices are falling through the cracks which are causing us to issue payments late. We need a way to easily distribute and assign these tasks on a daily basis to the team and I ( as the manager) need a way to see that these tasks are getting done so that we can be timely with our payments. Thoughts? (I hope that’s enough detail)

You could have one common bucket where all tasks/invoice arrive. And you can have each team pick their own invoice or have someone do the dispatch. Assigning an invoice to a team would mean multi-homing it into this team invoice project. So each invoice would live in the common project and into its responsible team. You can add a status custom field in the common bucket (To Do, Ongoing, Done), and you can have a report for yourself to see the list of invoices that have not been taken for example.

Would that make sense?