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I have a specific use case that I am hoping I will be able to get some help configuring:

My team has checklists that are completed daily for each of our clients. There are different checklists that are completed by different team members.

Currently, the way we do this is by created an Excel document each day from a template. Once all tasks on the checklist are complete for that day, it is then emailed to that team member’s manager to approve. Once the manager approves the checklist, it is then sent to an executive. (All managers send the approved checklists to the same person.)

Basically, we have three tiers:
• Account Associate - completes the tasks in the checklist
• Account Manager - approves the tasks once all the tasks are completed
• Account Executive - receives all the approved checklists from the managers

Obviously, this is a very tedious and arduous process. I am working on migrating these checklists to Asana in order to automate and simplify this process.

I have created a team called Daily Checklists where I will be storing all these checklists. I then created a project for each of the checklists. In this project, I replicated the tasks and set them to be due daily on weekdays at 5PM.

At the top of each checklist, I created a task called “Checklist Complete (For Previous Business Day)”. This “Checklist Complete” task is due daily, the weekday day after the other tasks are due.

I then created a custom column titled “Approval Stage” which has the options “Ready for Approval”, “N/A”, and blank. This “Approval Stage” is set to N/A for all tasks other than the “Checklist Complete” task, which is set to blank. I set it so that when the approval stage changes, the manager is notified. The idea is that when the account associate has marked all the tasks for that day as completed, they will then change the approval stage of the “Checklist Complete” task to “Ready for Approval”. This will then notify the manager that the checklist is ready to be reviewed, and once it is reviewed and ready to be approved, the account manager marks the “Checklist Complete” task as complete.

In order to prevent the “Checklist Complete” task from being marked as approved for future days accidentally, I marked the “Checklist Complete” task as dependent on all the other tasks. This is where my first problem arises.

Let’s say, for example, that it is currently Monday, and all the tasks are due at 5PM on today (Monday). This would imply that the “Checklist Complete” task is due tomorrow (Tuesday) so that once the Account Associate marks the task as complete by 5PM on Monday, the manager has until 5PM on Tuesday to approve these tasks. The problem is that when the account associate marks all the Monday tasks as due (which would ideally complete all the dependencies for the “Checklist Complete” task due on Tuesday) the normal tasks that are due on Tuesday at 5PM are automatically added as dependencies to the “Checklist Complete” task due on Tuesday. Therefore, there is no scenario in which all the dependencies for the “Checklist Complete” task are completed, since the next day’s tasks are added on as dependencies.

My second problem is that, after marking the approval stage to “Ready for Approval” on the “Checklist Complete” task, it does not reset to blank after marking the task as complete. Therefore, the approval stage for “Checklist Complete” will always be set to “Ready for Approval”.

Side problem: is there any way to prevent or see if someone tried changing the due date on any tasks? Right now I have setup a rule that sends a message to a Microsoft Teams channel if any due dates are changed but this could easily be turned off by anyone.

Secondary part of my project:
At the end of the month, the executive who has collected all the approved checklists, creates a scorecard of how many checklists were complete each day, and how many days were missed. How would you suggest I go about this in Asana? Is there any way to keep track of tasks that were completed past their due date? Maybe something with the new reporting feature? (Not tasks that are currently overdue, but tasks that were completed late)

I would greatly greatly appreciate any help with setting this up. If there are ways to solve the two problems I am having, that would be fantastic. However, if there is a better way to set this whole thing up, I would be willing to take that advice into account as well.

(Note that I am comfortable with coding if anything more advanced can be done to complete any of this)

I will be sure to answer any replies/suggestions quickly!

Thank you in advance!

Hi @wmilun, welcome to the Asana Community Forum :wave:t2:

You might be interested in the Flowsana integration to automate some of these workflows! Adding @Phil_Seeman (founder) for some suggestions! :slight_smile:

Hi @wmilun,

This is a pretty complex and specific set of scenarios - you might get some advice here on the forum but honestly, for something this complex you might be better off looking to an Asana consultant for some help (if you have a budget for that…).

I can’t offhand think of a way that Flowsana could help in this set of scenarios, but that’s somewhat of a top-line conclusion.

Regarding the first issue, what you’ve run into is the situation that IMO Asana is not the most robust vehicle when it comes to recurring tasks and how it handles them. Specifically in your case, as you’ve discovered, dependencies don’t especially play well with recurring tasks. I think you might have to give up the “In order to prevent the “Checklist Complete” task from being marked as approved for future days accidentally” part and just train the staff not to make that mistake.

Regarding the second problem, if you have a Business-level subscription you could perhaps build a rule like: If Approval Stage = ‘Ready for Approval’ and task is marked Complete, then set Approval Stage = ‘’ (the blank state)

Those are a few ideas but of course not a complete solution. A consultant like @Bastien_Siebman or @lpb might have a whole different way to approach solving your needs.

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Hi and welcome, @wmilun, and thanks, @Phil_Seeman.

Indeed this is a highly specific workflow, exactly the kind of thing I address with clients, but inappropriate (I feel) for the Forum. I definitely would address it differently with alternate Asana features and approaches than you’ve laid out.



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I greatly appreciate the help.

@Phil_Seeman , Unfortunately, the rule did not work as it just removed the ‘Ready for Approval’ status from the completed task and not the next occurrence.

I was unaware that there were such things as Asana consultants. I was not sure where to go to get assistance with this configuration so I came here. I had no intention of posting anything inappropriately. @lpb , would you be able to give me more specifics on how you would assist with this? I would love to discuss further. Not sure if there is a way to PM in Asana Forum.

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You can click on my @lpb link here in the Forum to see my info and a PM button, but given FFO’s clients (“ultra-wealthy,” “exceptional wealth”), I doubt we’d be a match. (Of the several Family Offices who have contacted me over the years, I only was willing to work with one after assurances.)



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Ah ok. I just found certifiedpros.asana.com. I will take a look here to see if I can find a good match. Appreciate everyone’s help!