Daily task completion tracking

I have daily repeating tasks and sometimes fail to do them. But I can only mark them as completed. What’s the best way to track daily task completion inside Asana?

@Lukas_zeidler essentially using the due date will show them as overdue but the new task if reoccuring will not come through until you have completed - some people do two repeating tasks for every other day so that there is always one ahead.

Thank you! Seems like there is no good way to do this in Asana as of now.

Feature requests:

  1. Make the repeating task feature more explicit / separate.
    Have a task type I’ll call rtask. It spawns instances of the task.
    E.g. One generates a daily rtask “Brush teeth”. No task is generated instantly, only at 00:00 am each day. Similar to a standing order one has that generates e.g. rent transfer each month.
    These rtasks should not be listet in the task lists, but seperately. From instances of the repeating task one should be able to access the rtask.

  2. Have other task statuses apart from “complete”. E.g. “failed”, which removes the task, similar to “complete”.