Not seeing any custom fields in question options (forms)

Hey guys,

I am trying to make a form to track bugs in our software. In your youtube video (How to Asana: Request work with forms | Tutorial - YouTube) you can add ‘available custom fields’. On our screen those aren’t there (see attachment)

Can you tell me why? I’d like to add the priority so it links straight away instead of filling it in manually.


@Mijsje_van_Wieringen, I’m afraid that video is out of date because custom field mapping in forms is now handled differently. See the animation at Custom Field Mapping.



Thanks for sharing the animation, @lpb!

@Mijsje_van_Wieringen I’ll make sure to send your feedback to our content team so we can update the video! Thank you!

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Thanks a bunch Larry. I’ll check it out!

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