Form default fields don't show up in the same place as custom fields. Why?

I understand why the default “Name” and “Email” form fields are there, but they have a couple of annoying quirks.

When the form is submitted and there are also custom fields, the default fields aren’t displayed in the same area as the custom fields.

This could be solved by either allowing us to delete the default fields (I could then create new custom fields to fill these roles), or just treating the default fields as custom fields so they show up in the same section.

Also, if your form has custom fields, that info ends up being displayed twice. Once in the “Custom Fields” section at the top, and then again in the “Description” field below that. This is unnecessary.

Also also, why is a date picker available as a “New Question”, but not as a custom field?

Just some thoughts as I’m running across issues. Thanks.

Hi @Adam_Thiel and thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with us! Forms are literally just out, and your feedback are very important si we can make the best adjustments in future updates.

From what I can gather in the screenshot your shared, the info circled in blue do not exist in your Project custom fields, they’re new fields you’ve created directly via the Form correct? If you create a custom field in your project for “Name”, “Email address” and “preferred due date”, you should be able to select them in your forum (instead of creating new fields) and these info should show up in your custom fields!

Also, as it stands we don’t have a “date” custom field, but this is a popular request in the Forum, so hopefully this will be impelmented in teh near future :crossed_fingers:t3:If you haven’t yet, I’d recommend adding your vote to this thread: Better Custom Field Type Options

Hope this helps! Have a great Wednesday :slight_smile: