"Show more custom fields" button

Recently my team’s view of Top Level Tasks inside of a project has started to nest or hide the custom fields by default.

We’re now seeing this prompt by default:

I noticed this thread - Expand "Show more fields" Custom Field Option by Default in Subtasks - #9 by Emily_Roman - however this doesn’t seem to apply as this is a recent change. How can we go back to the previous configuration?

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Hi @Jack_Cate and welcome to the forum.

Just to make sure we are on the same page. When your team access the project and go to the task, they currently can see 5 custom fields above description, right?

Your feedback is to have all fields show? or are you saying they cannot see any fields but are prompted to click on show more?

I have tried it on several projects and if I have more than 5 custom fields in the project, all tasks will immediately show the first 5 in the order you put them in the project. More than 5, I get the link to click to show more custom fields.

Hello. For us it gets even juicier. Some accounts see just the first 5 custom fields and the Show more fields link, other accounts see all the custom fields.
We would like to know how can we set up the first type of account to see all the custom fields, not just the first 5.
Thank you!


Some users can see five fields. Some can see them all. I’m confirming it’s the first 5 custom fields for those users who receive this view.

Similar to Razvan’s comment below the view varies per user. Per user the view varies on mobile/web/desktop app.

The feedback is to REMOVE the requirement to click/tap “Show more custom fields” or create a setting to allow the users to see all the fields - the same way the system’s behavior was prior to yesterday.


This is something the team and I would love to switch off, as we regularly have members forget to complete fields which are essential to the tak. This has not affected all team members, but only some which is difficult to understand and I do not see anywhere one can turn this feature off.

The feedback is to REMOVE the requirement to click/tap “Show more custom fields” or create a setting to allow the users to see all the fields - the same way the system’s behavior was previously.


I totally agree. Having to click on the “Show more custom fields” button every time I open a task is time-consuming and annoying. It slows down tasks’ readability. I hope it’s only some kind of a/b testing, as not all users seem to see this feature.


Agreed! I am getting feedback from my team that this hindering workflows and unnecessarily slowing things down down.


This has appeared for us in the last week and it’s making our board way too clunky, the fields are there for a reason if we didn’t want to see them then we wouldn’t put them in the board at all?

Is there an option to see all and not just the top 5?


The change to have to click that button is adding considerable amounts of time through the day. Please switch it back or give us a way to. It never was like this in the past now I have to click show more custom fields everytime


This change happened on our recent update and as we have a few boards with almost the maximum amount of fields for various project tracking purposes, having to expand the list every. single. time. I open a new task is becoming irritating and cumbersome.


The majority of my team is seeing the “Show more custom fields” button and it is causing a huge delay in productivity. It would be great to have this feature removed so all fields are visible when opening the details screen of a task.

Please give the option to see all custom fields without having to click “Show more custom fields”. Thank you.

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Does anyone know why some users see the “Show more custom fields” button and others don’t? 3/5 users I’ve asked so far see the button. I can’t see it. I even tried creating a brand new account with my gmail, and invited that account to a project from my work account, and I still don’t see it.

Might be an AB test in progress, or a slow rollout.

I’m just chiming in here… my team hates this. It is slowing down productivity. Now, if this is something that is helpful for some people, it should be able to be toggled on or off in display settings - just like compact mode.