Option to hide blank fields on tasks to reduce clutter

There is a lot of reading that team members have to do to interpret a task, it can be overwhelming when a lot of it is actually not relevant to the particular task.

The option to hide blank fields from the main task view, allowing them still to be set within a submenu of the “More” Menu would be fantastic

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Try clicking on “Show 7 more fields”

Now you should have the option “Hide custom fields”

That is a great way to do this. My suggestion would be to change the wording. Right now “Hide custom fields” sounds like it would hide ALL the custom fields, not just the empty ones.

I don’t think that’s a good idea, you forgot the use case “I am searching for a field to update its value”…

I agree. Additionally, some workflows require that certain fields be populated for a given project. Scrolling away too many of them, especially the ones listed first, might short-circuit certain intended workflows.

There is a great way to implement this, taking a page from Notion. Allow a setting on each field when you create it where you choose one of:

  • Always Show
  • Always Hide
  • Hide When Empty

That way you are able to choose based on the particular field. And you would always be able to click the link to view all fields.

It definitely gets unwieldy to have them all showing, especially if you are multi-homing tasks across projects or workflows.

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Also voting for this. JIRA has a similar function where it docks away empty fields so that if you need them, you can find them and add data to them, but if they aren’t being used, hiding them away only lets you see the data that matters.