Not intuitive: "Mark completed + left a comment" = single Inbox notification without comment text

Here are three cases and how they are presented in colleagues’ Asana Inboxes:

  1. Leave a comment: The comment text (along with a comment icon)
  2. Mark a subtask as completed: A sentence (“Bob completed this task.”)
  3. Both: Just the “Bob completed this task” sentence and the comment icon—no comment text!

I can’t figure out why things should work this way. One tiny icon is the only way to differentiate between cases 2 and 3. This means comments can easily be missed if you move on to the next subtask without explicitly checking for the icon (there’s a lot going on visually in the Inbox, so I wouldn’t count on this habit coming easily/naturally) or opening the completed subtask and scrolling to the bottom.

There seems to be no workaround: Filtering by “@mentions” doesn’t alter this in any way—the completion sentence still muscles the comment text off into only having an icon.

Can you please change this so Asana always includes the comment text, regardless of whether the person also marked the subtask complete?