Actions from within Conversations?

Is it possible to mark a task “complete” by sending an email response to a comment in a conversation?

I want to make it easier for infrequent users of the site to participate without having to log in. I’d like to send reminders that they need to take action on a task directly to their emails (via comments in conversations) and for them to be able to reply back “complete” and have the task marked complete without manually having to do this themselves.

I know they could do this easily by logging in and clicking complete (same with the app), but we’re an email-dependent company, and having “another place to log in” can be a barrier to the participation of those that use Asana infrequently (i.e. someone completing one item on an onboarding checklist for someone every few months, vs. me who oversees every detail of all onboarding regularly and finds Asana helpfful to do so.

Any help is appreciated!