Completing a task in an email (Guest user)

Seeking some tips …
We are invited our clients to tasks (assign) as guests. Part of this I am creating a small guide to help our clients with a simple process.

Trying to work out if they could just complete the task via the email.
I am using a hotmail account to test.
When I receive the email I have the options to Mark complete and Add due date, Add comment, however if I click on these I get the info You mneed to first authenticate with Asana to perform the action.
What does this mean?
I did create the guest account in Asana, so I have been logged in before.
Any suggestion where to find more info or tips and tricks would be appreciated.

HI @Erika_Entz and thanks for reaching out!

That is strange, normally if you’ve connected to your account before you hsouldn’t need to re-connect? It might just be an issue with your browser’s cache, so I’d recommend to connect to your account when you’re promopted, and to give it another go with a second task, this time Asana should let you complete the task from your email, without logging in!

will check it out thanks

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