Can a report be created to view all incomplete tasks with an @user comment posted?

This is really a question about being able to manage the team and follow up with them if they have not followed up on a task where a comment has been directed to them. I understand that I can filter my own inbox for @mentions, however if I want to run that kind of filter on another user, how could I accomplish this? Thanks!

I’m afraid this isn’t possible in Asana.

A potential workaround could be to assign tasks or subtasks instead of @mentioning which both could help the underlying problem, and then it could be possible to report on.



Thanks Larry, unfortunate answer. The hard part is we are leveraging Asana collaboratively with our clients so getting clients to adhere to rules about assigning tasks or making subtasks is challenging. We are getting complaints that our staff aren’t responding to their comments from time to time and that is why I thought it would be beneficial to be able to report on incomplete tasks with a comment @ a user. Thanks again. -Sean

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