Prompt to complete final comment when tasks is completed

Hello Asana Community,

I’m excited to be moving our company forward with Asana. As part of this change I’m moving our tech team from Jira (for now) and am trying to replicate as much as I can in Asana (Scrum, Kanban, IT Helpdesk).
I know there’s no mandatory fields and forms can not be embedded into websites. This is unfortunate, but we’ll work around it.
I’m now trying to setup our IT Helpdesk workflow. The final step I’d like to replicate is when a task is completed/done the technician is prompted to add a final comment. I’m wondering if anyone has any ideas how we can achieve this? I’m up for using Zapier or other tools.

thank you and I look forward to many more discussions!

Hi @Mark_MacBeth You can set a Rule that when a task is Marked Complete, add a comment for that person to add their final comments. You can also Slack a channel to remind.

Thanks for the prompt reply! Loving the community already.

I did see this capability but it’s not as smooth as we want. We’re use to when the task is marked completed a comment window pops up to add the comment immediately.

Where this feature adds a comment to remind the user to circle back to add a comment not knowing if the final comment was added or not.

We’ll give it a test run to see if it provides any value. I’m concerned about the extra noise of receiving notifications for every tasks and the helpdesk goes through a lot of tasks.

Greatly appreciate the response.

Correct, there is no ability to trigger a popup. Although that would be handy. You should post that in the Product Feedback - Asana Community Forum

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