How to follow up the comments I have made in a task

My job, as a manager, consist mainly in making comments in the Asana tasks of the members of my team. I do it dozen o time a day. In some comments, how ever, I ask for something or some reaction. How can I, some how, mark these tasks, to review them in the future, to check if my comments were acted upon?

[Side note: I tend to 'archive’every imbox item that I have read and, if necesary, commented. This way my imbox only have tasks that I need to review]

Welcome, @Roberto_Lopez,

One way is to create a Follow-up Task (Shift+Tab+F) which will link to this task and be assigned to you.

Another is to one-time create a private Follow-up project for yourself and multi-home any task into it; no one else will see this project membership since it’s you.

Finally, you could just copy the task’s URL and paste into the Description of a standing Follow-ups task you keep in your My Tasks.

Hope one or those helps,


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I am ashamed that so many ways to do this were in my nose and I did not see them. Thansk, this is very helpfull

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Don’t feel bad, Larry has been around for a long time :hugs: :heart:

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Heavy Asana user for 10 years now! (Or maybe @Bastien_Siebman was referring to my advanced age? :slight_smile: )

I would not dare :slight_smile:

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