How do you keep track of tasks/comments you assigned/sent to other people?

I’ve opened Outbox a few months ago, and it hasn’t received much upvotes, so I wonder if there is a workaround to my struggle :smiley:

I’d basically like to revisit quickly tasks I’ve created and assigned to other, as well as comments I wrote, so that I can see if anything got under the radar. I usually react on reply, but when nobody replies, I often completely forgot about the task itself. I’d like to avoid that because stuff get lost this way.

Have you used the task follow-up feature?

This creates a task in “My Tasks” reminding you to follow up on the original task at a later time. It doesn’t affect the original task, no one knows you’ve created it, but it helps you keep track of tasks/conversations you want to come back to.

As far as tasks you have assigned to others, you can use search, or there is a widget available for the home screen.

On the Home screen in Asana there is a widget you can add called “Tasks I’ve Assigned”. It has 3 tabs in it “Upcoming” “Overdue” and “Complete” so you can keep track.

3 Likes Maybe saving a search might be helpful.

You can save your searches and give them a name so you can quickly rerun the search as needed.

In this example, I’ve saved two searches

  1. What Tyler has completed in the last 7 days - something we review every Friday together
  2. “Tasks Assigned to Tyler - Incomplete” shows everything I’ve assigned to Tyler and I sort that by last modified so the oldest will be on the bottom and I can quickly see what work hasn’t been touched in a while and may need my attention.

Hope that helps


Thanks for the hint about “follow-up task”, but I find it too inconvenient to rely on this. I need to remember to do it, it takes time, and it clutters my “Tasks”. It’s not really what I’m looking for.

That’s really interesting! This must be new (a few months old, at most) because I didn’t notice that block in the beginning of the “Home” screen. (or did I miss it :thinking:)

Anyway, it’s a good way to see tasks assigned to other.

This, with the “Home screen” block that does something similar (but shows different results, or ordered differely) is a good way to keep track of tasks.

Unfortunately, I haven’t found a way to do something similar for comments, so far.

It was not rolled out when the home screen was rolled out, it came after so yeah you may have not noticed right away.

Also, for your comments, you can do a search for stuff you commented on. You would go to Advanced Search>Add Filter>People>Commented on by and then enter your own name

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