Not able to move a Project to another Team

Hello! Hope someone can help me. :pray:

I am not being able to move a Project to another existing Team.
In other Projects, by going to ‘Edit Project Details’ I can modify the ‘Select a Team’ option, but in this specific Project, I cannot modify it.

Any idea of what can be the issue and how to solve it?
Thanks in advance

Hi @Noe4 welcome to the forum! Are you the project admin and in the other team you want to move it to?

Hello! In the one I want to move I am the Project Admin, and in the other Team I am just a Member

Shoudl I ask the Team admin of the team i want my project to be moved into, to set me as admin in order to move it?

Sorry for the churn.
I deep dived a bit more.

My Project is called ‘x’ - and i have made it under the ‘Y’ Team.
I want ‘x’ to be moved to ‘Z’

for ‘x’ - I am Project Admin and owner
for ‘Y’ - I was not a member of the team and requested membership now (I don’t understand how I could’ve created a project inside a Team that I was not member of)
for ‘Z’ - I am just a member


Hi @Noe4

So essentially you need to be a member of both teams that should fix your issue

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