No way to remove due date from task just by touch (without mouse)

The only way to remove due date in full task view is to hover over the date and click on the X button. This is however not possible when I am using my Surface Pro as tablet in a meeting. There is no mouse, therefore no hover. There is no way to remove the due date because there is no visible button. This is easy to fix by adding Remove date button to the calendar dialog


Welcome back to the Forum @Michal_Hudecek! Sorry for the troubles. I tried to replicate this issue using the Desktop version of the web app on a mobile, and it looks like if you press and hold the due date bubble for a couple of seconds, the “x” will appear and you will be able to remove the due date. Can you please test it and let us know if this trick works on your device?

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Unfortunately no. This is what happens when I hold my finger for a couple of seconds:

Hi @Michal_Hudecek, thank you for testing that, and I’m sorry that the trick didn’t work. For now, we only have the mobile app and the web app. Since you are using the web app, some options may not be available when using the touchscreen. Apologies for the inconvenience.

I have passed your feedback to our Product team, and hopefully, we will be able to add a “Remove” button to the calendar dialog in the future.