Ninjana - Superhero Power for Asana πŸš€

Hi everybody,

we just announced a new add-on for Asana: Ninjana - We focus on team efficiency and offer a bunch of great and all-new features you don’t want to miss :wink:

Here are some highlights for Asana power users:

  • Task and sub task formulas - you can now really calculate with custom fields
  • Default values for task and custom fields
  • Automatic project status updates
  • Group based security
  • And so much more

Check out the full list of features here:

We would like to offer everyone in the forums free access to our beta version. We are already so excited to here your feedback soon,

Patrick and team (@Hannes_Jeworowsky, @Tamara_Hofacker)


That’s super exciting @Patrick_Lorenz, thank you so much for sharing it with the Community :slight_smile:


You have so many cool features, I am getting suspicious :slight_smile: does the beta have everything in it??? :heart:

@Bastien_Siebman: Well, >90% of what is mentioned on the site is already available. For the rest some features are still missing an UI to configure / activate them. Also there might be some bugs that we will fix during the beta phase. And this is just a starting point. If we see there is a demand and Ninjana gets positive feedback, than we will be able to extend existing and deliver new features very fast.

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Super exciting!

Anyone managed to try it and can share some feedback?

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Super, super cool! Congrats @PGK!!! :hugs::hugs::hugs:

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@Patrick_Lorenz - Ninjana is gone, right? :frowning:

@Bry_ProjectKickstart Yes and no. We do not offer the product itself anymore.

However since two years our Asana business has become it’s own fast growing company: BridgeFlow. Any the tools and integrations provided by Ninjana are now part of BridgeFlow.

What kind of automations / integrations do you need?

So funny who would ask about ninjana, I was thinking about it myself yesterday. So all tools are now only shared with your clients and not publicly anymore? Interesting move.

@Bastien_Siebman: Ninjana war an offering of one of my companies before. As we transfered our Asana related business into a new, dedicated organization, Ninjana has now become part of that new, growing cross-European team here at BridgeFlow.

Actually that’s a good move for all users as there is now a team of 15+ fully dedicated longtime Asana experts including solution engineers that help mid size and large enterprises to implement standarized and custom integrations.

But you still have the software and keep improving it? Nice!