New user to Asana - Best Practices?

I am a new user and I have watched many of the videos while onboarding and learning to navigate Asana. Are there any tips, tricks or suggestions of best practices? I am trying to set myself up for success and I really like Asana so far from what I am learning.

Thank You so much!


Hi @Angela_Blackburn,

Welcome to Asana! We are happy that you are utilizing this platform.

There are so many suggestions on best practices, and honestly, there’s no wrong answer. Asana can be catered to any type of business, but I can give you some base-level suggestions for starters:

  1. Utilize Rules!
  • Rules have the ability to automate your workflow and keep yourself and your team organized. Asana has rule templates, but when you familiarize yourself with this automation, you have the ability to create custom rules that fit your needs.
  1. Create Portfolios to keep track of all outstanding projects
  • For my company, we work on anywhere from 30-100 projects per quarter, and I am the sole Project Manager for these projects. There are times where each project needs to be looked at from a “big picture” standpoint. Portfolios allow you to organize projects by workflow, as well as see the project completion rate without having to open every individual project.
  1. Join the Asana Ambassador Program!
  • For me, I was spearheading my organization’s onboarding to Asana. I had used it in a limited fashion previously, but I had no idea about managerial practices. Joining the Ambassador program allowed me to learn things I never thought possible with Asana and in return ask questions, inquire about tips and tricks just as you are doing, and eventually become knowledgeable of Asana’s best practices.

Those are some of my simple suggestions that I hope will help you along your journey.


Welcome, @Angela_Blackburn,

I’d recommend (disclaimer; I’m a contributor):

and in general the #tipsandtricks:tips-from-our-community category here.

I also offer a few articles, videos, webinars, tools at:

Hope that keeps you busy!