[New] Upcoming changes to goal progress tracking


Asana’s Goals functionality is getting an enhancement that may cause a breaking change for API.

Who is Impacted

You might be impacted or interested in these updates if your application creates, modifies, or reads goals with automatic progress tracking and your implementation assumes there will be no new values for a goal’s metric.progress_source field.

What’s new

Tasks as a source of Goals Automatic Progress Rollups

Soon, goals will have the option to automatically track progress using tasks as a progress source. In the Asana web app, users will be able to choose “Tasks” as the progress source option and connect tasks to the goal. Over the API, you’ll be able to set progress_source to a new value called task_completion. Whenever a connected task is completed (or marked incomplete), the goal’s progress will be updated automatically.

Here is an example goal metric:

  "precision": 2,
  "unit": "percentage",
  "currency_code": null,
  "initial_number_value": 0,
  "target_number_value": 1,
  "current_number_value": 0.5,
  "progress_source": "task_completion"   // <---new enum value

Reason for change

Today, users can select “projects” or “sub-goals” as a progress source for goals whose progress is tracked automatically. We’ll be introducing “tasks” as an additional progress source option, so that users have more ways to connect relevant work and automatically track the progress of their goals.


Here is a rough timeline we are targeting for these changes which may be adjusted.

November 2023

  • task_completion as a progress_source is fully released to all Asana customers

Let us know if you have questions or thoughts! We will post updates in this thread. You can subscribe to this thread for updates.