Flexibility in Goal tracking metics

Would it be possible to complete a task and have it trigger a dollar amount increase in a Goal?

Or complete a task and have it update a numeric Goal?

Currently it seems like a Goal can only be updated if the Sub-Goals are completed the same way as the Goal is being measured.

For instance:

We have Goal A of doing $x work for Y client.
Each task completion means $z towards Goal A.

Hi @Victoria_Borchard, thanks for reaching out! When creating a goal, you can select the “Update method” in the creation modal. If you select the “Automatic” update method, you will then need to choose Progress source and Measurement options.

When you select to update your goal with Projects as a progress source, the goal progress is automatically updated based on Milestones complete or Tasks complete:

  1. Milestones complete - goal progress is an average of the % of milestones complete for each attached project
  2. Tasks complete - goal progress is an average of the % of tasks completed for each attached project. Note that this also includes all tasks in the project (including milestones and approvals)

Unfortunately, it’s currently not possible to link specific numeric custom fields to Goals but we will keep it in mind for future updates!

You can learn more in this guide article: How to Get Started With Asana Goals | Product Guide • Asana Product Guide

I hope this helps!

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