automatic progress updates for milestones and tasks

I am trying to figure out if the progress completion % can be automatically calculated when there are milestones or tasks with subtasks?

i noticed such a feature was recently enabled for the concept of a “goal”. I am not quite sure what the difference is meant to be between a goal, milestone, or task. But currently, i am using milestones to mean things that require multiple tasks to accomplish. And while its possible to add dependencies, subtasks, etc, it doesnt look like any of these are connected to each other.

could you please advise how best to proceed?


Hello @Kanna_Palaniappan
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Yes correct working with goals will be the best in your case.
You can for example set up a goal that is connected to all milestones in a project and updates the % depending on completed milestones.

Or you can also tie the goal to the % of tasks completed.

If none of the automatic update features work for you then you can also set the goal to manual updating

Have a look here for more info: How to Get Started With Asana Goals | Product Guide • Asana Product Guide

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