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@Nao_Kumazaki Hi, I just logged a new forum post about updating Actual Time field through Zapier. Is that possible? Update "Actual Time" field through Zapier

hi, I’m trying to figure out two things:

  1. I use 30+ project templates all with custom fields for estimated time per task; how do I export this custom field data to CSV and then import it to the new Estimated Time field to use with the Asana time tracker?

  2. I’d like to report on the estimated time vs actual time for each task in a project, not just the project’s overall estimate vs actual. And I’d like to export this data so I can dig into it in Excel on a per task level. I have not been able to find a way to do this yet, is it possible?

Is there a way to export the actual time date as well as the timestamp for when actual time is entered? From a workforce planning perspective being able to see via a data export the date time is being entered for as well as when it is being entered would be extremely helpful but I haven’t been able to find a way to see this information.

Thanks in advance!

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And is there a view to see actual time logged within a period (say today) by task?

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@lpb Ooh! But… that first link says “It is possible to import and export time tracking values via CSV.” and that’s it. It doesn’t say HOW to export time entries, and I can’t find it. How did you get to it?

Hi @lee,

For export from a project, search or My Tasks, see:

For import, that’s a little more involved but well documented here:



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Thanks, Larry!

I’d found that first link, and exported a project. But rows from that export are tasks, not time entries. Each row has the sum of time tracked for that whole task.

But I need to be able to submit invoices to clients for time tracked that week, so I need individual time entries.

(Also, I’d love some way to export the whole org and drum up my own per-week summary so I can make sure people are tracking healthily.)

And the second link… sorry, I’m not concerned with importing (I was just quoting from above), but thank you!

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Ah…that’s different.

If I recall, there’s currently no support for getting to the entries that sum up a task’s or subtask’s time other than in the UI.

Potential workarounds would be to use subtasks (or tasks) for each week’s times (subtasks would be easier because those times roll up to the task level, but I can’t recall offhand if there are any “gotcha” scenarios here to be aware of so test this first if you consider it).

Asana2Go (disclaimer: I’m the creator) offers some flexibility with CSV but not sure that’s necessary or helpful here; depends.



Safe to assume that this:

RECENT UPDATES (See Changelog in Asana2Go Help for details)

  • Support for Time Tracking fields Actual Time Minutes and Estimated Time Minutes

…means the task-level actual time, not the individual time entries? I’d pay for a product that answered this. I’m not a developer, merely a designer.

Yes, that’s correct; just a single custom field value for each, not any line items detail.



PS Let’s hope Mike Monteiro didn’t read that “merely” adjective!!


Time entries are actually in the API now.

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Thanks, @Phil_Seeman. My memory did not serve! I updated my previous post to remove the mistaken sentence to avoid confusion.

Awdang. So this gets me no closer. There isn’t even a giant “EXPORT EVERYTHING” button that I could then set up some spreadsheet-fu to dissect? Blah, Asana. It’s 2023 and you’re an industry-leading PM platform and I can’t see time entries? Oh dear.


We’ve now moved away from Clockify and are using Asana’s native time tracking.

I’ve set up lots of dashboards to track, one of which shows:

  • Actual time entered
  • Time entered by (filter by person)
  • Within a certain timeframe (filter by date/week etc.)

But what I can’t get is a list of which tasks that report ^ is reporting on.

I’ve also tried using a Saved Search instead but not having any luck there either.

Essentially, I want to be able to pull a list of all tasks that have had time entered against them, in a given timeframe (dates).

Any ideas?

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I answered @Catherine_Rooney1’s question on Slack but here’s the reply so others can benefit here in the Forum:

For a list of tasks with time entered in a timeframe, you can use advanced search and add the custom field with Add filter at the bottom for this:

From Catherine:

thanks Larry, I should have been clearer - the ‘timeframe’ I need to report on is when time was entered, not the due date.
Time entered date is a filter on the reporting dashboard (although I can’t click into the dashboard itself - see loom video above), but time entered date is not a filter on the advanced search.

Reply from me (Larry):

Right, I don’t think that’s available yet without custom coding (it’s available in the API, I believe).

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Thanks for your help Larry!

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Any update on allowing actual time mods, including using a start timer, on the mobile platform? Not having this feature on mobile is causing me a problem.

I am also interested in this exact issue. We need a way to show itemized breakdown of actual time- what tasks were done and how much time was spent on each task. Right now it only does an overall time (such as 1 day 34 mins) but there is no further details. We’re looking for a way to replace Everhour as a timesheet. Is there any word on this type of feature being added to Asana’s actual time?

Asana folks deliver new information, when available, in the Forum. It’s good to follow the threads you’re interested in, and News; you can “watch” these.



Hi! Just a quick question about this: what is the intended usage of this feature, wherein someone else can log their time to a task not assigned to them?