New! Track time on your Tasks in Asana ⏱

@Rebecca_McGrath Does this feature include the ability to prevent modifying Time entries for tasks? But if we can’t avoid it, will there be a feature/custom rule that notifies an admin if a Time entry has been changed?

@Trisha_Saromines we have contributors often help on a single task (1 person remains ultimately responsible for leading the task, but it’s a team effort). They all time their contribution on that single task so we know the resource cost.


Exactly @Tanner_Wilson !

@Trisha_Saromines , similarly, you could have a single task to represent a meeting or an out of office visit where the assignee could be the coordinator/host and then all participants could add their time to that single task.


@Tanner_Wilson & @Richard_Sather thank you for your inputs!

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