New Tasks should have a email address


So there is the function to reply to a given task - wouldn’t it make sense to add to the three dots menu that email address from the start?
So I can forward all emails as comments to the task so everyone knows what was discussed with the client before hand and I can add that address to further discussion…

the function I refer to:

Turning email replies into comments

The email bridge also turns replies to emails from Asana into comments on tasks. If anyone on your team prefers to stay in email, this can be a great way to keep the conversation around your team’s tasks organized in Asana.

There are a couple of ways this works:

  • Assign a task to a teammate . When your teammate receives the task notification email, he or she can simply reply to it. The email bridge will automatically turn that reply into a comment on the task.
  • Comment on a task that has followers . The task’s followers will all receive an email with your comment. Any of them can reply to this message and the bridge will add their reply as a comment.

Thank you



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