New task created immediately disappears

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My Tasks
The bug is that when I go to click “Create new task” in My Tasks, the task immediately disappears without giving me time to click on it and rename it. There is also no pop up on the bottom left corner like there usually is when creating tasks in Projects, which stays visible for at least a minute, giving a human with regular reaction speed time to click on the task and rename it so it is findable.

Same also applies for tasks created in a Project, where the view is filtered - the task literally pops up in the bottom left corner for 0.02 seconds, then disappears. Instead, if a task is created in a filtered view, I think the task should be created with the applied filters AND the pop up should display in the bottom left corner for a reasonable amount of time for someone to click.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. In a project view with filters, or in My Tasks when there are a significant amount of tasks (like dozens upon dozens), click “Create task”.
  2. Try to click on the task before it disappears, and if you’re not lightning speed fast, you’ll miss it and it will be lost to the ether!

Browser version: Chrome 120.0.6099.234

What version of Asana are you using (Basic/Premium/Business/Enterprise)? Enterprise I’m pretty sure

Upload screenshots below:

Hi @Elisa.Chen welcome to the forum.
have you got it sorted by due date? This means that when you do create a task it will auto move to the no due date section at the bottom.

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Agree with Danielle - it doesn’t work well to create New Tasks in a List View that’s filtered or sorted…unless perhaps you can instantaneously make the New Task conform to the filter or sort, which usually we can’t.

It does seem as if the “Incomplete only” filter doesn’t have this issue, whether in My Tasks or a Project. (Makes sense as a New Task is always created Incomplete.) Just make sure to get a few characters into the “Task Name” field before you click anywhere else. Will that work for you?


Hi @Elisa.Chen, sorry for the confusion. Plus one to what Danielle and and Stephanie said. To solve this, we also recommend using the + Create button at the top-right corner, and then adding the task to the project. As this is not a bug, I’ll close the topic, but do let us know if you need further assistance :slight_smile:

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