Android app doesn't allow creation of new tasks in Board view when sorted - Add new task button is invisible

Android app doesn’t allow creation of new tasks - “New” button is invisible.


Can you supply a screenshot? Or contact .

Is there any chance this is what you’re experiencing:

That’s still a problem for me though Asana couldn’t reproduce. Would be helpful if you could corroborate if that’s perhaps your issue too.



Included a screenshot. It shows the project screen with no “new” button.

All I do is look at the project list screen (which has a button to create a new project).

Then click on one of the projects. The “new” button never shows up so it’s not possible to create a new task.

This behavior does not occur when using an iPhone or an iPad. It only happens on Android phones and tablets.

This issue was recently introduced.

Jason Tilton
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Hi @Jason_Tilton , I confirm I experience the same on the Android app but ONLY when the Board view is sorted by something (anything; due date, assignee, alphabetically etc). But once the sort is set to None, the updated ‘+ New Task’ pill-shaped button appears!

However the same button does appear in List and Calendar views whether a sort is enabled or not.

Not sure this is expected behaviour. What do you think @lpb ?

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That is a useful workaround. We do use it in board view almost exclusively. I’ll let my team know.

It’s definitely not the expected behavior and it only recently started behaving this way. Thanks for your help.


@Jason_Tilton , good to know if this was not previously case.

I have therefore moved this to the bug section, perhaps @Vanessa_N can escalate the issue.

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Hi everyone, thanks for tagging me here. I’ve also been able to replicate the issue like @Richard_Sather mentioned: it works fine in all other views whether they have a sorting in place or not, but in Board view, the + New task button only appears when sorted by “none”. I have escalated this issue to our Mobile team and will let you know once we have any updates!


Hi everyone, our developers have confirmed that this issue has been fixed in our latest update. Please update your app and let me know if the issue persists. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

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