New Tags Won't Save?

Hi there!

So I’m really confused. I’m coming back to Asana after quite some time and one thing I remember is the ease of the tags feature. You can simply create a tag then choose the designated color, and it would be add-able to virtually any task within the workspace.

Now it’s not so easy. First I created 5 tags that were all college related on one task, and then when I went to add it to a task, they were nowhere to be found! I even tried a task within that same project.

So I tried again. I made a tag in a different project, chose the color, and then let it sit there to see if Asana just needed to “absorb” the code first. Nope, it didn’t save. I can’t re-add it to another task. And again and again.

Can anyone tell me what’s going on?

Hi @Brooke_Jackson
I have not come across your exact problem.

However a change was made a while ago that if a Tag was not associated with any tasks it was deleted automatically. So if you not associating the tag with at least 1 task then this might be the cause.


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Thanks @Jason_Woods :slight_smile: @Brooke_Jackson let us know if you think this is the issue you’re experiencing. If yuo think it may be something else, could you share a quick screencast illustrating the issue? That may be helpful to help us identify what’s not working there. Thank you!

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@Jason_Woods Was correct, I believe. I kept deleting all the tasks associated to a tag. Bummer that that’s a feature :frowning: at least for me!


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The trick to keep a list of tags “alive” is to create a task “somewhere” holding them all!

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