New Sort menu truncates and hides entries

Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing:
If there are a handful of custom fields, the top of the sort menu truncates.

Steps to reproduce:
Add a handful of custom fields, or perhaps just use the browser zoom out to > 100%.

Browser version:
Chrome current

What version of Asana are you using (Basic/Premium/Business/Enterprise)?

Upload screenshots below:
At 100% zoom, the top three choices are not shown; they’re off the top of the screen:

If I change the browser zoom level to 80%, I can see them:

Hi @lpb, sorry to hear that! I’ve tested it on my end in a project with a long list of custom fields, but when I click Sort I have a scrollbar that allows me to view the entire list, even if I zoom it out. I’m also using the latest version of Chrome. Before I can escalate it, can you confirm if the issue persists in incognito?


And today it’s working for me too (even w/o incognito). So, fixed.

New issue:

I notice that the scrollbar is not shown until you start scrolling. But since there’s no scrollbar, why would you think to start scrolling? (In UI terms: there’s no affordance.) I wish the designers would set the scrollbar to visible if needed, not to auto-hide until you start scrolling. Why? I actually thought I had the wrong project and started searching for another project because I didn’t see the fields I expected and didn’t see a scrollbar.



Hi @lpb, glad to hear that the issue has been sorted. You’re correct, as it stands, the scrollbar will only appear when you start scrolling, but I understand that this can cause confusion. I’m closing this topic, but I’ve submitted an internal feedback for our Product team, and hope this can be changed in a future update!

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