Sort drop-down list does not scroll = unable to access the 'sort within section' button'

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There are lots of custom fields in my projects. While it is amazing that I get to sort by custom fields now, I am not able to access the bottom of the sort by dropdown list and I am unable to toggle the “sort within sections” feature on/off.

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Browser version:

Google chrome Version 109.0.5414.75 (Official Build) (64-bit)

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Wow @Xing_Su , that’s a big list of fields indeed! :sweat_smile:
You can try to use Ctrl and - key to zoom out on your browser a little so that the end of the list fits.
But you are right, this should get fixed to be able to scroll down!

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Yes thank you, zooming out helps! but I would love to see a scroll feature in future if possible :slight_smile:

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Exactly @Xing_Su ! I suggest we keep this in the bug section as it will attract more attention, but I have edited the title a bit - hope that’s ok with you.

Dear Asana dev team,
Although this could be considered an extreme use case, anyone with more that 10 custom fields within a project, using the sort button on a small screen will run into this problem - clearly the expected behaviour is to be able to scroll the sort list when it does not fit on the screen.


Hi @Xing_Su and @Richard_Sather,

I’ve escalated this to our team. I believe they will treat it as a product limitation rather than a bug, but regardless I agree that it should be improved. I’ll keep you posted here when I have an update!

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Thanks @Marie :heart:

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Hello there! A quick note to let you know this bug has been fixed :partying_face: Thanks for your reports and patience while our team worked on a resolution!


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