New rule builder disappeared in the middle of creating rules, reverted to old rule builder

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Creating rules in a project using the new rule builder. Completed three rules and went to make a 4th rule and the original rule builder is back and can’t get the new rule builder.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create new rule

Browser version:

Google Chrome

What version of Asana are you using (Basic/Premium/Business/Enterprise)?


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I’m experiencing the same issue. Just clicked into multiple projects on my end and am only being shown the classic rule builder.

Hi folks, and thanks for the report. I’ve escalated the issue to our team and will be in touch here as soon as we have an update.

@Kasey_Nichols, could you please confirm if you’re experiencing the issue with another browser than Chrome?


Dear @Marie also faced this issue yesterday; some of the projects offer classic rule builders, some - new ones. All the projects belong to 1 organization.



I just checked again this morning. The new rule builder is back, but not the new rule dashboard layout which I had yesterday also. I confirmed this on the app, chrome and edge.

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Hello @Kasey_Nichols,

Our team confirmed that this bug should now be solved. Can you confirm if that’s the case on your end too?

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Yes I have the new rules builder back. The “dashboard” part is still sometimes the old one, but not sure if that’s supposed to be fully updated yet as well.


Confirm - the bug is fixes, I have checked 5 different projects (both browser & desktop asana) - only new rule builder is there.

From the Asana Guide:

At this time, rules with conditions can only be created from the Customize menu of a project.

Creating a rule from within a bundle, a project template, or the workflow builder only supports the classic rule builder. This means conditions and branching will not be available.

Asana expects to enable the new rule builder on these surfaces in early 2024.

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