New Homepage 🎉

thanks , today I saw it , it’s really good . I love it .

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@Marie you asked folks to post suggestions for removing the homepage in #productfeedback. When I did that you closed and moved my post back to here. Could you explain?

“Dashboard” or “Homepage” feature; with that said, I would recommend creating a thread in the #productfeedback category for our Development team to consider it when revisiting the sidebar feature.

I’m really disappointed at the impending loss of the Dashboard, as I have been using that actively as the only way to see some data on each project - other than just project name.

As to the rationale for the Homepage, this statement jumped out at me: “Your Homepage will also show you when action happens in your projects, so you can easily understand what projects may need your attention first.” Well, I don’t trigger my attention solely or even chiefly off project action. That would constitute reactive project management. I (should) trigger off projects that are falling behind expected progress, have open questions, have not seen action when expected, have not seen action for more than X days, have unassigned tasks, have overdue tasks, get sudden executive focus, etc.

And: “While your team or Organization may have multiple projects that they’re working from at any given time, there are likely a few specific projects that matter most to you. With your Homepage, you’re able to easily access your most important projects so you don’t have to spend time searching for what you need…” Also, no. My work environment is quite dynamic and projects spring up or get de-prioritized rapidly and frequently. With just 1 team, there are 10 projects actively being worked on TODAY. Just today. Tomorrow will (or should be) very different. I have multiple teams, each with many projects, widely varying deliverables and due dates, external factors such as supplier deliveries, etc. There are many projects we’re not acting on at the moment for various reasons - one of which is lack of visibility. And I don’t think my environment is unusual.

So Asana’s idea of there just being a few “most important” projects and a project manager’s priorities consisting of reacting to action in those few projects, that I view in my nearly empty Homepage, leaves me wondering if Asana understands the true scope that many users need.


Sorry, but I’m not a fan of the homepage. It’s basically the same as the sidebar. I want to see my tasks and messages.

At least give us the option to choose another start page.


I think that the new HOME will do well as long as you give new comers a great default layout with a mix of relevant projects, dashboard views, and my tasks BUT allow a modular type of customization that allows more advanced users to match their needs.

As @Joost pointed out, some of us need it to be useful on big screens with different parts being easily distinguishable.

I could see Home having presets that I can switch between. For example, I could have one that displays my tasks, my most relevant projects, and the contents of a project that I’m currently using the most. Or alternatively, two columns with each showing the contents of projects that I’m multitasking between.


Still not seeing Homepage on our acct, but do see a similar view when viewing a “Team” at the highest level.

I do think home page will help more casual users of Asana to understand the organization paradigms of the program.

Hi folks!

Just a quick update to let you know we have implemented Activity Updates in your Homepage. You will now see a “new” badge that shows up in the top left corner of a new project that has been shared with you or if you’ve been assigned a task in a project you haven’t visited before.

We’re also rolling out a brand new Team page to give you more context about the purpose of the team, who’s in it, and what they’re working on. You can click into the conversations tab of your Team Page to scroll through recent discussions on different projects within your team and quickly get caught up to speed.

To learn more about these updates, have a look at this handy article from our guide:

Hi @Mike_Hoefer,

Homepage should be rolled out to 100% of our users very soon, so if you don’t access to Homepage just yet, you will very soon!

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why have you removed all the useful information from dashboard; like seeing the project status at a glance? having another list of projects isnt at all useful; in no way does this help me decide what to focus on as a manager overseeing several teams and projects. i was hopeful that this would add functionality for our team that has been missing for a long time, such as being able to schedule projects on a high level multi project timeline, managing team workloads and being able to sort projects by owner, instead you seem to have gone backwards!


@Lee_Denny, 2 options for Dashboard replacement.

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I have to agree that Homepage feels useless. It doesn’t add anything that I couldn’t do from having a ‘favorites’ in my sidebar.


For those of us who use Asana occasionally as a sort of notepad or just to manage some projects, it might be a good change.

But if you use Asana to actually work, then the first thing you do in the morning is to see “My Tasks”. Becase that’s what we do most of the time: we complete our tasks. Once our projects are set there is no need to start a day with a list of projects. We have tasks to do and we want to see them right away.

Actually, this homepage change is so annoying, that for the first time I’m considering moving my projects elsewhere. Because every time I start a day with Asana now I have to change this view, for no reason at all, and it is really irritating, considering how nice and simple the rest of the workflow is.

Now there is an easy way to fix it: either provide an option to choose what we want to see first (for those of us who are task-oriented), or add the list of tasks to do at the top of the home view.

Besides, I don’t see the reason for Homepage at all, since the list of the projects is already visible on the left side of the website. And you can move them around too, while on the homepage you cannot.

So why anybody would need this at all?

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In the current state I agree it’s not useful, but I guess it will evoluate…

A tip to avoid opening the Homepage:

  • you can bookmark the MyTasks page,
  • or you can pin the Chrome tab.
    I use the second solution, and it works well: I arrive directly on MyTasks at the launch of Chrome in the morning.

Two days ago I said I was quite unhappy with the new homepage.

I’ve changed my mind. I’m happy now.

It’s because today a new thing appeared at the top of the homepage: section “tasks due soon”.

And now it all makes sense. You can see your due tasks (the most common thing if you use Asana every day) right away. Also, for the first time I can close the sidebar.

Thumbs up!


Hi, I do no see this option, could you post a screen shot?

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Sure, here you go…

Hi @Patrick_EMIN :wave:t3: “Tasks due soon” haven’t yet been rolled out to 100% of our users but it will be very soon!


I have to agree, that it is very hard to differentiate visually the important tasks & projects :frowning: Some kind of sorting or priority would be great

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How to disable it? I’m working only on one big project. I want to see all my tasks no just a few in “home”.

Hi @Gracjan_Kasprzyk

As far as I know, you can’t disable the Home feature. The best solution is to create a browser bookmark that takes you to My Tasks.