Nesting function for sections

Would love to be able to nest sections within a project for a cleaner, bigger picture view of the project. If we are using a section to keep track of past work and results from our projects, it would be nice to expand and collapse the sections since each task in the section has it’s own series of subtasks.


Hi @Lauren_Reid

I completely agree. I think the same function would solve what I find lacking as well.

I’d love for Tasks to truly be nested within a Section so that Sections can be moved up and down along with the nested Tasks within it. Right now as it is, moving a Section only moves the Section name and not the Tasks supposedly within/under it. I found if I wanted to move a Section above or below another Section I would have to move each and every task and hope I remember when and where to stop moving them.

I think the easiest way to visualize it is if we could organize Sections, Tasks and Subtasks more like folders within folders, and files within folders and then view them similarly to MacOS’s list view that’s collapsible and expandable.



I second (Third?) this motion? I’m desperate for collapsible sections, as we use Asana for basically all of our Deliverables checklists - sometimes there are more tasks than I can bare to scroll through, and I would love to see collapsible sections with nested tasks to help organize these! @Alexis Do you know if something is in the works? Perhaps I’ve missed it in another post somewhere?


Would love to see nested folders…much like in the program wrike. This works to help keep everything front facing, so tasks get the features of main tasks (i.e. get listed in the calendar, etc.) and let us avoid using sub tasks when not necessary.


I agree - a feature that could expand/collapse sections and drag/drop sections including tasks would be very useful.

Need ability to expand and collapse sections. The alternative is to move these into subtasks, but this doesn’t make it as convenient to track and view from a high visibility standpoint.

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I’m baffled that this isn’t the way it is. Without nested tasks sections make ZERO sense.


Yes! This would be super helpful and save so much scrolling.

Yes!! This is frustrating the hell out of me at the moment as I’m looking to simplify things and use a ‘project’ as a long term overview (e.g. rather than having a project per client), it would be amazing to be able to expand/collapse sections and as someone else mentioned, be able to move each section (I know you can select each section to move but this leaves too much room for error). This one thing would make such a huge difference.

Yes, please add this into the feature list of Asana. Please add it in the free version of Asana also! We would greatly benefit from this.

Yes. Agreed… I would think Sections that zip up / Expand to show sub tasks is a more natural option work flow.
Tasks underneath a bolded Section could be the equivalent of sub-tasks.
I guess you could still open a second window to see sub tasks, but dropping them under a bolded Section (that is collapsible) seems much more efficient.

YES Please. I second the recommendation