Nested or Hierarchy of Portfolios

My company has many complex programs that are made up of multiple projects, which Asana calls a portfolio. Each department has multiple portfolios. As the Head of the PMO, I need an easy way to evaluate risks and health of the overall company’s projects, which is many levels of portfolios.

For example:

Portfolio 1: Build House
Project: Design and obtain land
Project: Build exterior and interior of house
Project: Landscape

That Portfolio exists within another Portfolio called Build Town

Portfolio: Build House
Portfolio: Build Fire station
Portfolio: Build School
Portfolio; Build Grocery Store

These Portfolios existing within another portfolio called, Cities in State.

There are at least four states… so this scales quickly.

When I run a report, I want to quickly see across this portfolio of portfolios of portfolios the projects that are overall at risk, major deadlines that will be missed, etc.

Right now, I have to literally open and check every single portfolio. I cannot have the executive level view, which makes reporting tedious and hard. I also cannot even download data that would enable me to do this type or reporting outside of the tool so we might have to move tools. While most teams don’t need this level of nesting, it is critical for me to do my work. I’d love to see more functionality specific for those of us who manage massive bodies of work across many portfolios.

Did you look at Universal Reporting and the newest ability to report on projects?

If you target your main portfolios + report on projects + create a chart on status, then with the clickthrough you’ll end up on a list of projects at risk across all portfolios. I think :slight_smile:

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Creating Custom Reports with Asana, BigQuery, and DataStudio

If you or anyone you know is comfortable with the Asana API and SQL, you can automatically send the data to BigQuery daily and then build much more customizable and flexible reports in Google Data Studio. That’s what we did to make things more flexible.

It’s not ideal since you still have to go back into Asana to update things, comment, etc. We added a hyperlink as a field for each of our tasks so we could quickly get to that direct section in Asana. Not perfect, but it works in the meantime as they get a more robust and flexible reporting solution built.

Most importantly, it enables us to get clarity around subtasks and their limitations in Asana due to their status as second-class citizens.

Our Project Overview in DataStudio

Our People Overview in DataStudio

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Looks amazing!

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