Need to delete a 'section'


I’ve read a recent conversation that explains to delete a ‘section’ you need to first go to all tasks view and remove any completed or uncompleted tasks to be able to delete that section. Problem is, that we have heaps of completed tasks under a section that we don’t want to remove/delete permanantly as we look back on these regularly, but we definitely don’t need the header ‘section’ any longer. I need to delete them from my view. At the moment I’m naming them Remove1, Remove2 etc and moving them to the top of my list view to avoid me seeing them and feeling frustrated… help!

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Hi @Sophie_Stevanov, I would recommend adding your vote to Archive a Section in a Project. We’re about to bring up a new update allowing you to delete Sections even if they do contain tasks, but that won’t suit you since you need to be able to look back at these tasks. Your current workaround is probably the best until we come up with a solution to archive Sections!

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Hi Marie,

Okay, thank you. It looks like I’m going to have a hundred of these very soon… I’ve been using sections to separate tasks into stages of an onboard and so by the end I’ll have up to 6 or 8 sections variously named with headings like “To Call” or “Onboard” etc, there’s never really an occasion where all subtasks are ticked as complete either.

Hopefully, it’s sorted soon. :slight_smile:

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I have the same issue. I remember this not being an issue before. Is this new? I used to create and delete sections all the time in my projects.

Hi @Marie, Is there any way I can delete these sections I have floating around
at all? I don’t even know how to find completed or incompleted tasks that are ‘assigned’ to them now.