need help ending free trial early to send forms externally

I’ve recently upgraded our plan to Premium. I created a form to send out externally for creative requests, except that my team is unable to access it because we are still in the free trial stage for another 24 days. Is there no way to end the trial early? I haven’t been able to reach support. I really need some help.

Welcome, @Ryan_Liebe,

I think your best bet is to read this closely and follow the instructions to click Cancel trial:

But it’s not clear to me if that will be enough to allow your to use your form. If not, you will need to email and explain what you need and they’ll take care of it.



Thank you, Larry

Anna, from Support, made some edits to our account to allow the sharing of form links to external members of my team - an exception on our behalf.

Tricky stuff really, this form feature is the main reason for my team to sign up for Asana and having it not work slapped a little egg on my face in the last few meetings I sat in.

Thanks for your assistance


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I’m really glad Support was able to correct this.

I wish this limitation was removed, or at least highlighted better somehow since I’ve seen it bite others too.

@Bastien_Siebman, I think this would be a strong addition, if you’re willing, to:




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Thanks Larry, added :peach: B7.8

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