Need for new custom field to create date durations

>> We need a custom date field that mirrors the default Due Date field functionality to set a Start Date and an End Date to create durations/timeframes relevant to a task/project<<

Our team uses Asana for several project and workload management purposes, however one of the main reasons we use it is for managing communications projects/marketing plans.

In many cases, there are a more than one set of relevant time frames and ‘due dates’, including firm dates, flex dates (those with slack), and timeframes. We’ve noticed and raised with Asana support that there is no function to create a custom date field that mirrors the functionality of the default Due Date field, whereby you can select a start and end date, as well as set a due time, and set it to reoccur at a set frequency following task completion.

With even a basic communications plan promoting a public consultation and an event, for example, we would have a series of relevant dates that would be useful to capture for our project oversight:

Note: We include a task in every Comms Plan to appear in a project entitled Comms Plans Overview so that we can see them all captured with more fields and details than are currently available in a Portfolio.

Task: Comms Plan (CP) - Have Your Say - Township traffic flow in Morningside


  • Have Your Say - Township traffic flow in Morningside
  • Comms Plans Overview

Relevant date fields (* custom date fields) to appear in the task & for Comms Plans Overview Project List View:

  • Created date: [When the CP was requested and the Asana task created]
  • Completed date: [When the CP was completed in full and the Asana task was marked as complete]
  • Due date: [GO LIVE date - when the first major comms tool is due to be delivered]
  • *Consultation period: [Start and end dates for public consultation being open]
  • *Promotional period: [Start and end dates for when internal and external comms tools are delivered]
  • *Comms approach approval due: [Latest date comms approach can be actioned by required approvers]
  • *First event date: [Date of the earliest event for public consultation]

We have recently set up a formula custom field to calculate the duration of the delivery of a project (i.e., a CP task in the Comms Plan Overview project), which calculates for us the time it took to complete the project from start to finish, but this is only useful for our reporting and future workload and business planning purposes, not for the actual work and delivery within a Comms project.

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